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News and Updates

Style - Date 04/23/2019

Your fashion isn’t boring, so why should your apartment be? Live in style at Azul Baldwin Park.

Memories - Date 04/18/2019

Memories last a life time, what memory are you thankful for today? We’re thankful for all the memories we have helped our residents get to make!

Come on home - Date 04/16/2019

Coming home has never felt THIS good before.

Pet Day! - Date 04/11/2019

HAPPY NATIONAL PET DAY! Your cat might not be excited you brought a puppy home but we sure are!

Ocean Sun Brewing - Date 04/09/2019

HOP on over to Ocean Sun Brewing, for good beer and even better memories!

Spring Time! - Date 04/04/2019

Spring has finally SPRUNG! What is everyone doing this weekend?

Spa Day! - Date 04/02/2019

Azul Baldwin Park Spa Orlando FL

IMAGINE living in a place with its own spa?! Wake up, pamper yourself, repeat! That dream is a reality for our residents.

Thirsty Thursday! - Date 03/28/2019

Thursday? More like rosé all day at Uptown Park Wine Bar! #shoplocal #winelovers

Luxury Living! - Date 03/26/2019

Coming home always feels great but coming home to an apartment that looks like it is straight out of a luxury magazine? Even better. #luxuryliving #style

Fight For Air! - Date 03/21/2019

It’s not too late to lace up and get involved in the Fight For Air Climb! Exceed your limits while you climb 25 floors for charity! #raiseawareness #charity