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Weekday Fun - Date 07/29/2020

“Come over for a drink”—and somehow 6 PM becomes 12 AM. Repeat the experience whenever you want, as long as you’re mindful of your neighbors! #weekdayfun

Your Favorite Feature Is... - Date 07/23/2020

We can guess or we can ask: what do you love most about AZUL? The apartments or the amenities? #luxuryliving

Luxury Touches Everywhere - Date 07/20/2020

Luxury lies in the details—and AZUL has more than enough. The designer lighting packages are one but there are many more to discover! #azulbaldwinpark #liveazul

The Osprey Tavern - Date 07/17/2020

It’s enough to say its name to miss its spirited atmosphere. Between us, The Osprey Tavern misses you just as much! #localrestaurants

Dancing Is a Workout - Date 07/14/2020

Have you tried dancing as a workout? It’s fun, apartment-friendly, and works up quite a sweat! #danceworkout

Q&A: Number of Cats Allowed - Date 07/08/2020

Q: How many cats can I bring along? A: AZUL welcomes up to three cats per apartment. Alternatively, you can bring two cats and a dog or two dogs and a cat! #petfriendlyapartments

Safe Packages - Date 07/06/2020

Nothing can beat prompt delivery…except our secure package lockers where they are stored safely until you come to pick them up! #packagelockers

Happy 4th of July! - Date 07/03/2020

Tick-Tock! Only a few hours are left until we celebrate living in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Happy Independence Day to every AZUL resident! #4thofjuly2020

Meal Prepping Is Great - Date 06/30/2020

Cook smarter, not more! Reserve one afternoon to prepare a week’s worth of meals—then simply pop them in the microwave when you’re ready to eat! #azulbaldwinpark #smartcooking

Plan Your Vacation with Ease - Date 06/25/2020

Planning your next vacation can easily become a weekly activity! It takes less than two hours to reach both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico from your home at ABP! #liveazul #baldwinparkfl