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News for Azul Baldwin Park

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Posted On: 05/18/2021

When was the last time you embarked on a cultural adventure? The Cornell Fine Arts Museum has a brand-new exhibition bas...

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World Cocktail Day

Posted On: 05/13/2021

If the Blue Hawaiian cocktail goes well with lounging on the sundeck by the AZUL pool, the Martini is best served at the...

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Designer Lighting

Posted On: 05/10/2021

A stunning apartment design is nothing without the proper glow. At AZUL, even the light fixtures are worthy of a Pintere...

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Posted On: 05/07/2021

“Is.. is.. is that the sound of you opening a tuna can?”

Your Feedback Matters!

Posted On: 05/04/2021

The force lies strong in your honest reviews! Make sure to speak your mind when it comes to your AZUL experience—your fe...

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Stylish Dogs Welcomed at AZUL!

Posted On: 04/29/2021

“Human, look! I’m just as stylish as our AZUL apartment!”

The Osprey Orlando

Posted On: 04/26/2021

You’ve made it through Monday, yay! It’s time to reward yourself with a gourmet seafood treat from Osprey—place your ord...

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World Penguin Day

Posted On: 04/23/2021

They walk silly and swim while wearing tuxedos: what’s not to love about penguins? Let’s celebrate them this Sunday by m...

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Dressing Room Closets

Posted On: 04/20/2021

Q: Is this a dressing room? A: No, it’s your AZUL closet!

24Hour Package Lockers

Posted On: 04/16/2021

What could stand between you and an online shopping spree? Not the AZUL package lockers!