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News for Azul Baldwin Park

That Gym!

Posted On: 02/23/2021

Our fitness center rivals any outside gym! #homegym #liveazul

Pool Views!

Posted On: 02/18/2021

Who wouldn’t want to see these gorgeous pool views every day? They can be yours, from select apartments!

Valentine's Day!

Posted On: 02/15/2021

Valentine’s Day is just one moment, love is eternal. Find ways to show your affection every day—and the feeling might tr...

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Private Dance Party

Posted On: 02/11/2021

The clubs might be closed, but you can party on your own. Just play your favorite beats and dance around your living ro...

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Elevators to Every Floor!

Posted On: 02/08/2021

How many shopping bags can you carry up to your apartment in one trip? ALL OF THEM! We have elevators for a reason!

Tutto Caffe

Posted On: 02/05/2021

It’s not the weekend yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. A hot coffee and delicious croissant from ...

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Golden Retriever Love

Posted On: 02/03/2021

Golden Retriever owners, how do you celebrate your pup’s day? It's Golden Retriever Day!

Deposit-Free Apartments

Posted On: 01/27/2021

Ready to find a new home? Perfect. We don’t require any up-front security deposit. Just check out which apartments are a...

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We're Here When You Need Us!

Posted On: 01/25/2021

Our staff is only one phone call away. Give them a ring whenever you have a question to ask or you need their maintenanc...

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How Large Are the Closets?

Posted On: 01/21/2021

The walk-in closets attached to every bedroom are large enough to turn them into a dressing area. Just add more shelves,...

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